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4 years in the making across every terrain imaginable — Powerband Films and Pala Raceway are proud to present On the Pipe 7 “The Last Hit”.

Since the birth of the motorcycle backflip, there have been an elite few that have pushed the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. Join director Jay Schweitzer on a historical journey across the globe that documents the most progressive dirt bike riding of all time. Follow the distance backflip battle between Wes Agee (the Lone Wolf), and rising phenom Brian McCarty (McGnarls), as they risk mortality to flip the biggest freeride natural terrain jumps on the planet. Find out why these individuals are so determined to change the course of history. 

Schweitzer travels to Thomas Pages’ training facility, in Minerve and Agen (FRA) for an inside look at how the Pages brothers became the most innovative FMX riders this century. Head to Maui Hawaii for the first ever freeride shoot on a brand new 6pack, dirt double line, built on this surreal island oasis. Join one of the greatest sand dune riders in history – Josh Grant – as he turns Glamis Dunes into his private playground. And rediscover a legendary California train jump, as new blood Kyle Katsandris and Colby Raha, evade police to attempt the inconceivable.  

OTP7 will showcases the underground, hardcore freeriders from the Chapter 11 crew, to the No- Namers who work for a paycheck to support their motocross habit. This is the true story — of the select few — that pursue what most consider unimaginable, not for the fame or fortune, but rather strictly for their passion, self satisfaction, and love for motocross. Travel with the Lone Wolf Wes AgeeTravis CadyJarryd McNeilAlex Harvil, and others, to the Struckman Ranch in Montana as they build, trick and flip the steepest, biggest, tractor built jumps on the planet. 

Finally, head to Pala Raceway near San Diego, California to find out who will pull off the impossible  a 3 jump, daredevil line, which includes a distance world record backflip over 200 feet and world record 1/4 pipe high air.

OTP7 brings back the shock and awe with onetime daredevil flips, tricks, and crashes, while bringing the viewer the shock and awe thats been missing from motocross films since On The Pipe 6. With over 2,000 hours of tractor work, Pala Raceway and Powerband Films have constructed and selffinanced the biggest, most dangerous, freeride jumps in history. In this 7th and final installment, the On the Pipe series takes you on an epic adventure of mind blowing feats  and record breaking jumps. 

Shot almost entirely on Red Digital 4K cameras and 6 helicopter shoots  including the Shotover and GSS camera systems, multiple Ultimate Arm camera ground tracking vehicles, and drones. Powerband Films delivers the most cinematic, visually breathtaking experience  unmatched by any other motocross film available.   

OTP7 combines the classic OTP series stylewith feature documentary production, elevating dirt bike films to the next level. 

Riders include:

Brian McCarty “Mcgnarls”, Wes Agee, Tom Pages, Brody Wilson, Jarryd Mcneil, Colby Raha, Josh Grant, Jimmy Hill, Danny Way, Mat Hoffman, Chas Burbridge, Jason Ebel, Arlyn Van De Mark, Jeff Griffin, Vinnie Carbone, Alex Harvill, Kyle Katsandris, Tom Parsons and many more..

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