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The new VFX-WR has been completely redesigned and re-engineered without sacrificing an ounce of the quality and performance that have given SHOEI off-road riders championship winning confidence for decades. The all-new VFX-WR defines the future of performance off-road helmets.

  • Anchored by larger centre column, inner EPS layer swings during impact.
  • Strategically designed perimeter columns absorb rotational energy.
  • Significant reduction of rotational forces to the rider’s head.
  • Preserves the lightweight, impact-absorbing characteristics of SHOEI’s traditional EPS systems.
  • Proprietary technology integrates a six ply matrix.
  • Hand-laid interwoven layers of fibreglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibres.
  • Provides a massive peripheral field of vision.
  • Large eyeport facilitates oversized goggles.


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