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Nolan N21 Special Jet Helmet

This is one of Nolan’s mini jets. It is characterised by a blend of modern design and “vintage” inspiration, as well as the wide range of colours and graphics available. The compact volume (thanks to the availability of two outer shell sizes), VPS sunscreen, very close-fitting inner comfort padding and Helmet Lock Ring make the N21 an interesting product for the scooter sector as well as the “custom” and “café racer” motorcycle sectors (thanks to its particular aesthetic aspects). Furthermore, the special attention paid to the combination of materials, finishing and colours, as well as the wide range on offer, make the N21 a mini jet which attracts a broad cross-section of the public, whether they are looking for a classic style or are more interested in current fashions.


  • Interior visor “Light Blue” UV 400 protection: made of Lexan, scratch-resistant coated
  • Sun visor UV 400 protection: dark tinted, made of Lexan, scratch-resistant coated (optional)
  • Clima Comfort interior: removable and washable
  • Closure: Microlock


  • ECE 22.05
  • weight: approx. 1150 g


  • Light Blue VPS inner visor with UV400 protection: The exclusive inner visor is moulded out of LEXAN and is S/R (Scratch Resistant) treated, with UV protection up to 400 nanometres. It is easy to remove when it is not needed, or for normal maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • VPS Sunscreen: Exclusive sunscreen available according to the segment (Flybridge, Getaway, Durango and Star Skull), it is moulded out of LEXAN™, is S/R (Scratch Resistant) treated and offers UV protection up to 400 nanometres. It can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. (not included)
  • Front Aerators: The front aerators, with direct intake, available for the Spatter, Durango, Dust Bowl, Lario and Speed Junkies segments, emphasise the “vintage” style of the helmet.
  • Clima Comfort Inner Padding: The inner comfort padding is designed to offer both the typical lightness of a jet helmet and the close fit of a full-face helmet. The chin straps integrated into the liner (which are therefore removable and washable), favour the helmet’s fit as well as its wearability.


  • 1x Nolan N21 Special Jet Helmet


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