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FIST Handwear are proud to present their latest offering in licensed product.
Combined with iconic Australian Motocross brand Rat Racing, FIST has re-created 3 styles of vintage Tees and 2 Hooded Sweatshirts that have been released today just in time for winter exclusively through fisthandwear.com

“For us to have the privilege to align with Vincent and his brand Rat Racing is just crazy! My very first vivid memories of motocross are of my uncle riding fully decked out in his Rat Racing gear. It takes not only myself, but I am sure a lot of people back to the glory days of motocross in Australia. You really cant say enough for what Vincent has done for the sport in Australia and its a great honour to work alongside him.” Said FIST Marketing Director Sam Moore.

“The original Rat Racing concept and Rat Clothing brand was my brainchild back in the 80s” said Mr Motocross promoter Vincent Tesoriero.

“For about a decade the Rat brand was very visible out there for its distinctive style and the best riders liked to wear it because it was tough and could take the heat. In the dirt and on the tar, Rat Factory Team riders always looked like winners” Tesoriero stated

“Creating a young, action-orientated image around the Rat brand was an exciting time back-in-the-day, so Im really pleased that I have been able to collaborate with a now brand like FIST, who share the same values as the Rat did back then. FIST has been able to morph the Rats MX heritage into a cutting edge riding glove, constructed with the latest materials that will stand up to the demands of tomorrows action sports.”


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